Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Cold overcast day.  Click on any image to enlarge.

Banning Street might be open to traffic in a week or so.

Court Street will take a little longer

Noticed work being done on Cumberland Street WITH TRAFFIC CONTROL PERSONS!!!  One block was down to one lane. However, because of TCPs being used, two way traffic continued while the work went on.  In fact, there were four TCPs. Two on Cumberland Street and two on Wilson Street.

Of course these workers were not a City of Thunder Bay crew.  City of Thunder Bay workers would have closed Cumberland Street  from Wilson Street to Water Street….public be damned.

More railway car art.

Looks like this spot is lower than the surrounding area.   Is this part of the design or is it just crappy work?  I’m guessing the latter as opposed to the former.


Not much in the bird photography lately sooo when a pelican shows up, I’m going to photograph it.  They are amazing to watch fly.  They will be gone soon.

MV Americaborg

A hooded merganser out at the maximum range of my camera.  It was grooming itself while bobbing around in the water.

Floating on its back while grooming itself.  I have never seen this before.

Thunder Bay heroes riding their bicycles on the street, even when there is a rec trail nearby.  I love when I see parents teaching their children the proper way to ride a bicycle by example.

Sooo, why can these people ride their bicycles on the street when sooo many others can’t?   What is it that these people have that others do not?

A duckling turning on the jets.

Its a little cold and nobody wants to run around in the fountain?

Foam insulation particles attached to sailboat hulls.  I wonder how the particles affected wildlife?  Birds and fish?

The SV Frodo

I wonder how long its going to look like that?  Another month or two?

LCBO bag

and an empty bottle of Kelly’s Finest fortified wine nearby.  This is the wine that made Thunder Bay famous.

From beer cans?

Thunder Bay’s $71 million plus premier tourist destination is turning into a shithole.  Soon, everything will have graffiti on it.

You know, tourists really love this stuff.  Can’t get enough of childish scribbling on every flat surface around.

Tonight is Live On The Waterfront…as opposed to ????

July found the Urban Lounge mostly deserted during the afternoon. Now its August and the gang of loiterers are back.  Why are there so many people in the city that have nothing to do?  Its summer. There are soo many things that need to be done. They always need volunteers.

I see people coming out of the Dew Drop Inn with bags of food every day.  Almost all of them are young people who look like they are fully capable of working.  The book I am now reading says that work is the only four letter word that you can’t use in public.

It also says that what schools are missing today is hard work and discipline.  You ignore those two things and you have a failed education system….which is exactly what we have.

I don’t see things getting better any time soon. Too many takers, not enough givers.  People need to give the government money BEFORE the takers take it.

A city full of trash

and graffiti

and more trash

and lots of people hanging around with nothing to do.

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