Thunder Bay – Union Planning On Disrupting Service At Port Arthur Health Centre

Union planning on disrupting service at Port Arthur Health Centre

Unifor has warned clinic management to cancel all patient appointments for Wednesday.

The union representing striking Port Arthur Health Centre workers is vowing to shut down the clinic this week.

Unifor, which represents the 65 employees who have been on the picket lines for nearly four months, is planning a rally on Wednesday with what they expect will be “hundreds of union and community members from across Ontario and Manitoba.”

The union took to social media during the long weekend to advise that it had warned the health centre to cancel all patient appointments for Wednesday.

Andy Savela, Unifor’s director of health care, said he expects at least 300 people to be present outside the clinic and can’t promise any timelines for how quickly people will be able to get through the line.

“We’ve tried to run our strike so that people could access those doctors they need to see. Certainly, we’ve been mindful of that and haven’t tried to prevent anybody from doing that,” Savela said on Tuesday. – Tbnewswatch

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I cannot support anyone stopping patients from seeing their doctors.  We are not talking about hurting the employer, which is what a strike is supposed to do.  Now the union is targeting the  patients.  People who are completely innocent here. THAT is not acceptable.

UNIFOR is now are now using patients’ health as strike tactic hoping to force Queens Park to step in and force the doctors to get to the bargaining table.  Can’t see it working… but its the only card they have left to play.

And if does not work, then what?  Will the union bust out the baseball bats?  Smash some heads?

I don’t see how this strike is going to have a happy ending for anyone.   I don’t know what UNIFOR promised the clinic workers to get them to join the union. I don’t know what UNIFOR promised the clinic workers to get those workers to vote to strike.  What I am sure they did not tell them that is that the strike could go on as long as it has been going on.  I am sure that they did not tell the clinic workers that some of them could lose their jobs.  I am sure that they did not tell the workers that they will be blocking all patients from seeing their doctors.

UNIFOR has to win if it wants to sign up more service industry workers. THAT is why UNIFOR has decided to go after the patients.  It is a desperate move.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    rich doctors can afford the raise from min wage for their support staff. People can go to walk in clinics and emerg so they are not without care. What about the oath the doctors take? Seems they forgot about it. After 100+ plus days and nothing, its time to step up docs of step IT up!

  2. dhughes
    dhughes at | | Reply

    What an ignorant retard! Bet you have a two digit IQ!

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