The World – Alex Jones Banned From Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify And YouPorn

Jimmy Dore and crew discuss Youtube, Facebook, Apple, and Spotify banning Alex Jones.  You ban Alex Jones for some made up reason, then you can ban anyone.

Canadians have lost their right to free speech years ago.  Americans appear to be next.

Corporations control the internet.  If they do not like what you say, they will cut you off. When corporations and government get together, you have fascism.  Just so you know.

Warning: Jimmy swears.

I support free speech.  We lose that, we lose everything.

Who’ll host Alex Jones? Porn sites enter the infowars

Paul Craig Roberts Rages: “Elites Are Shutting Down The Truth-Tellers”

Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans For Government Takeover Of The Internet

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