Thunder Bay – Thursday


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Pearl Street railway crossing has been repaired

The Pearl Street crow family

Yellow Warbler hiding in bushes

Gull has found something to eat.  The problem is that its too big to fit in its mouth.  No hands either.

Then another gull swoops in and takes it

Great Blue Heron

Another Yellow Warbler hiding in the bushes

Some rooms of the four star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel have lamps.

Condensation on the inside of these lights. Notice the missing screw?  Its the Thunder Bay way. Half assed.

Funny. There are two city staff that are supposed to be watching the fountain splashers. I assume that there are two so that there will always be at least one outside.  Why then are there none outside but two inside?  Not sure that is efficient use of staff.

See the two people sitting on the granite steps?  They are the first two people I have seen sitting there.  How long has this area been open to the public?  Six years?  Anyway, you can sit there.  Good to know.

Working in the Pond Pavilion concession is the loneliest job in the city.

Packed up for another week.


A pair of future Canadian leaders that are under the influence of what I believe to be alcohol.   What else is new in Marina Park?

Locals are used to seeing this in the downtown cores but I am sure tourists are not.

Foam insulation particles around the skatepark.  These things can be found over a large chunk of the park.  I imagine a lot of the stuff has ended up in the lake as well.  Superior by nature indeed.

Different stages of hotel outer shell can be seen here.

The Urban Lounge’s urinal does not smell much today. Almost like someone finally cleaned it.

The roof leaks.

Could have put this in the trash can that you have to pass on the way out. The one located at the end of the overpass.  Why carry it with you when you leave, when you can simply leave it here.

Someone will pick it up eventually.

A Kelly’s wine cap.

and you wonder why companies do not want to deal with unions. Illegally shutting down the clinic is not doing UNIFOR’s reputation any favours.  Keeping patients from seeing their doctor is unacceptable.

It was always going to come to this.  Its the only move the union had left.  That and intimidating patients.

How long until the picket line gets violent?  Not very long at all. 

Our downtown north core sidewalk.  Looks great does it not?

A pair of Thunder Bay heroes riding their bicycles on the street, in the bike lane, where they belong.

Court Street construction. This is going to take a few more weeks.

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