Thunder Bay – Striking Health Centre Workers present Offer To End Strike

Striking health centre workers present offer to end strike

With tensions mounting on the picket line, striking workers at the Port Arthur Health Centre say they’ve made an offer to end the labour dispute, now in its 124th day.

“This offer is fair to both sides, and more importantly would pave the way to quickly reopen the health centre so patients can get the health care they need,” said Unifor national president Jerry Dias, in a release issued just before midnight on Thursday. – Tbnewswatch

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Group holding patients hostage offers to free them if ransom is paid.

Holding patients hostage is not a strike tactic I can support.  No, these people cannot see another doctor. No, these people should not have to wait in line at a clinic to see a doctor who knows nothing about their medical history.  No these people cannot go to emergency.

They have a doctor and should be allowed to see that doctor. No interruptions.  No harassment. No intimidation.

The union knew what they were getting into by unionising these workers.  It should have come up with a strike plan that does not put people’s health at risk.  I could support that.

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