Thunder Bay – Friday

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Streets are not built to store construction debris.  This is what happens when a contractor does not have the equipment required to do a proper job.  That debris should have been loaded into a truck, not dumped onto the street.

Might see asphalt next week.

In Toronto and Calgary, these things are painted with vibrant coloured art.

MV Miedwie

The blue paint is made by the utility locating company.  Blue is water.

Merla-Mae getting in on the litter game.

Yellow Sulphur Butterfly

Two Striped Grasshopper?

Railway car art

Water level in the pond looks lower than the other day

Dragonfly photos

The City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Looks great for tourists.

MV Federal Elbe

MV Amstelborg

The Spirit Gardens (Wilson Street Headland) Healing Garden.  Does this look like a garden to you?  $71 million PLUS and this is what we get?

I mention this almost every year. The rec trail around the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) has a wall of vegetation separating it from the lake/marina.  This wall is sooo tall that children and people in wheelchairs/mobility scooters cannot see the water.  They can’t see anything.  What is the point of having a trail along a body of water if people on the trail cannot see that body of water?

The stuff is too high.

Ants and bees sharing.

Checkered White Butterfly?


MV Migrator 1 Nice boat.

Boxer Gluten Free Beer

Lots of foam insulation particles in the water today. It is coming from the Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel construction site.  The City of Thunder Bay could have required the contractor building the condos, yes the condos,  as well as the hotel to use a screen curtain covering the work area to contain the particles.  It did not.  As a result, these particles have been in the park and the lake for many years.   Superior by nature indeed.  In reality, our high salaried residents of City Hall don’t give a shit about the park and the lake. Not one bit.

The fountain pond. This is where children are playing.

Still here. A piece of some dock or pier or something.  Looks great to tourists.

Goose manoeuvres.

Brew-Ha does not warrant the big stage.

One of the Camelot Street crows has white feathers. This is a condition known as leucism.  Looks cool when it flies.

A young crow

The parents

Brew-Ha setup

Like I said before, in Toronto and Calgary, these boxes are painted with vibrantly coloured art.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.

Patches on a patch

Strikers today. Not on clinic property. Security present.


and the mouthwash?  An after lunch aperitif?

Magnus Theatre construction so far.

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