Thunder Bay – Calgary 2018 Part 1

Went to Calgary on the long weekend. These are some of the photos I too. I am breaking the trip up into three parts: Airport and Downtown, Kananaskis Country, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and trip home. Click on any image to enlarge.

There is still a Pop Shoppe in Calgary

Goats cutting grass

All these boxes that are grey here in Thunder Bay are covered with some design or photo in Calgary. In Toronto, they are painted with art.

This bridge is cool looking.  It is supposed to be like one of those Chinese Finger Traps

In Thunder Bay, this building would have been abandoned and eventually demolished. Here, they save them…and use them.

Posted about these before. Toronto has a same set up.  Containers being used as shops.  Something like this would be great in the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.


Downtown pedestrian mall


The Core Shopping Centre downtown Calgary

People walking on a bridge that links two sides of the upper level food court

The newest building going up in the downtown area.  Its not a regular shape.

Not sure who these people were. They were out front of a high end downtown hotel.  They look like dancers or models or something like that.

The Big Head

Used to display historic photos of areas

Centre Street bridge


Black and White

Another lion

The name of the restaurant or is this what they sell?  Its Calgary after all. 

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  1. bill westly
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    what no barf, garbage .. tags on walking bridges? No illegal graffiti ? There’s all the bums? HA! We win..?

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