Thunder Bay – Saturday

Yes, I know that I take lots of photos of crows. I see them every day. These are the Pearl Street entrance crows that are usually found at the south end of Marina Park.  They recognize me and get pretty excited. These guys seem to be more relaxed around me.  The crows at the Camelot Street entrance are different. They get very excited when I show up and scream at me the whole time.

Anyway, if a bird wants to show up, I will take its photo.

Some sort of Warbler


Red-winged Blackbird

Classic cars showed up down at the CCGS Alexander Henry

Safeway come and get your carts

more cars arriving

saw this turtle swimming underwater

Came up for air

Noticed me and is high tailing it back into the culvert

A wedding down at the end of Pier 2

MV Amstelborg in background

Still not finished

Brew-Ha day 2

MV Miedwie

Lots of cars parked in the park but nobody in them.  Brew-Ha people.  Park visitors not allowed

Camelot Street crows.  Young ones

Pacific Avenue overpass

MV Thunder Bay at Thunder Bay Terminals.  The Wolf River in foreground.  Its been tied up at this location for years.  I remember the ship as the New York News. It was sold and became the Stella Desgagnes

MV Tecumseh

Lakehead Tugboats – MV George N. Carlton

Tug MV Teclutsa

MV Amstelborg at Keefer Terminal

Kam River shoreline erosion

Use to be a dock here

Yes, this is a scenic view…City of Thunder Bay style

The MV Migrator 1 cruising up the Kam


Patty Hajdu campaign sign

I think this used to Imperial Oil

What are all those “borg” ships bring to Thunder Bay?  Could it be wind turbines?  You can see the turbine blades stored on the property

Canadian Tire cart

Field of daisies almost gone

Is this a bus stop?  Its across from the Transit Office on Fort William road.  No sign.   Maybe there should be a bus stop sign there?  If its not a bus stop, why not?  There is no other bus stop on the northbound Main Line route until after the Fort William Road/Water Street junction.

Used to be a northbound bus stop here but no longer.  You can see a bust stop on the southbound side.

another cart

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