Thunder Bay – Sunday

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Would have been a great photo if the head was included

Well, the dog was on its leash.  Nobody holding on to the leash though, and I am sure that fact matters….a lot.

Why do our high salaried residents of City Hall, the people we pay to maintain our infrastructure, not force the businesses that post these bills on city infrastructure to remove them in a timely matter?  Its not hard to find out who is responsible.  Their names are splattered all over the thing

The “useless as tits on a bull” Celebration Circle was being used by the Grassroots Church today.

The crowd reminds me a lot of LDS people.  Mormons.

More dragonfly photos

Double-crested cormorant grooming itself

and cooling itself or is it drying itself?

Want to catch fish? Archie’s Fishing Charters seems to be cleaning fish here every day.

No dogs allowed in the fountain pond?  Sooo why are there dogs in the fountain pond?  Well, a MENSA candidate visiting the park decided that service dogs are allowed in the fountain dog.  To make matters worse, the City of Thunder Bay employee who is paid to watch this facility was in the office in the water Garden Pavilion fingering her phone.

Two dogs in the fountain. I had to go inside and tell City of Thunder Bay employee that this was the case.

Dogs are not allowed in the fountain pond for public health reasons. Its that simple. Not even service dogs.

MV Miedwie

MV Amstelborg

Safeway brand mouthwash.  Who drinks this stuff?  What is it doing to their insides?

Hard cider?

Tripping hazard. Almost tripped and fell flat on my face.  Nobody cares?

More trash in the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass)  You do have to walk passed a trash can when you exit the facility.  Really.

Young gull wanting food.

Port Arthur Clinic Court Street side clear.

Entrances still  being picketed even on Sunday.

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