Thunder Bay – Patient Almost Dies During Strike

Patient Almost Dies During Strike

Some doctors won’t return following threat, personal property damage

Doctors at the Port Arthur Clinic are facing “hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage” after the facility was vandalized last week.

The vandalism was discovered on Friday, two days after a fence was erected outside the clinic.

The fence, blocking patients’ access to medical services was in support of 65 striking workers who have been on the picket line since April 9. It is not know if the vandalism is related.

(Dr. Nadia ) Alam (Ontario Medical Association) said much of the refrigerated stockpile of vaccines, medications and fertility samples were damaged, the pharmacy was vandalized as were the internet lines and cameras computers and servers were smashed. – Chronicle Journal

So, who did this?  Well, the question you need to ask yourself is, Who benefits from this criminal act?  The doctors?  The union?   I believe the answer to that question is obvious.  Do you believe the doctors would trash their own clinic?  I don’t.

Had the Thunder By Police Service acted to stop the clinic from being closed on Wednesday instead of standing back and watching, it is possible none of this would have happened.  Very possible.

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Expect more labour unrest in the future. When the Wynne Government raised the minimum wage to $14/hr, soon to be $15/hr, thousands of employees who were earning $3.40 above minimum wage when it was $11.60/hr, a difference of 30%, now find themselves earning the minimum hourly rate.

People with decades of experience now find themselves earning as much as a person who fetches shopping carts from the supermarket parking lot.

Did the Ontario Liberals do this on purpose?

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  1. D Hughes
    D Hughes at | | Reply

    Present Unifor with the bills & charge both Unifor & the fencing company with B&E, tresspass, malicious vandalism & an assault. Ideally the union boss should do jail time

  2. D Hughes
    D Hughes at | | Reply

    The police are a joke. Everyone knows that.

    The fence is physical evidence enough. The clinic did not authorise it’s installation, so charge the fencing operation with trespass & vandalism. Let them show the purchase order. The thought of doing jail time will have them co-operatiing.

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