Thunder Bay – Monday

Once again, why is the City of Thunder Bay not forcing organizations to remove posters from city property? Looks like crap.

The life of an urban tree is a hard one.

Court Street still a ways away from being open.

Not sure.


A warbler of some sort

sign is back up

MV Tim S. Dool

MV Amstelborg

Not sure who wrote this stuff. Religious stuff. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Grassroots Church that was here on Sunday?

City needs to have a talk with the Grassroots people and find out if they did this.  This is not cool.  Park is for everyone. If you allow this religion to write stuff on the rec trails, then you have to allow ALL religions to do that, and I don’t think you want to do that.

Interesting clouds

Broken wing

Is the City of Thunder Bay ever going to clean this up? Remove the graffiti?

Could have thrown this in any one of the trash cans that the user had to pass to leave the park..but he/she did not.

Still not finished

More of this stuff

Ramp up to the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass).  Busch Beer

Inside the Lounge, Laker Ice Beer

Another Thunder Bay asshole riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Why is riding your bicycle on the sidewalk dangerous for the bike rider as well as the pedestrians?

Because cars pulling out of driveways can’t see the bicycle speeding along the sidewalk.

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