Thunder Bay – Tuesday

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Banning Street is finally complete. Well, all except the landscaping work.  Took a year and a half.

Yellow dots on trees mean its adopted and will be vaccinated.  Green means that the City of Thunder Bay will pay for vaccination.  No dot means the tree will be cut down.


Some additional trees being planted at the new parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park. These new trees are being paid by who?

Looks lie an American Goldfinch

Grasshopper in Goldenrod

Pool 6 dock still locked up. No sign of any helicopter.  Not sure why it locked but in Thunder Bay, there are fences and locks preventing the public from accessing almost all of our waterfront.

Looks like the CCGS Alexander Henry has a second entrance/exit.

People had nothing better to do?

The MV Miedwie

MV Tim S Dool

People are writing on anything flat down in Marina Park

Why don’t people pick up their dogs feces?  They are assholes.

Of course, I am assuming these are dog feces. This being Thunder Bay, they could be human feces. I have seen it.

Looks like some of the rooms of the four star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel has furniture in it.

Lots of foam insulation particles around the park.  They are products of the hotel construction process. They were also produced during the construction of the condo towers.

MV Happy River


Getting the big stage ready for tomorrows show. Country star Dan Davidson is featured.

Still not finished.

Centre has sunk

Asphalt breaking off

Why so much trash laying around the city?

The gang is back.  Nothing else to do but hang around the pedestrian overpass?  Loiterers. Its one of Thunder Bay’s biggest negatives.  There are waaaayyy to many of them.

The Lyceum building.  What is happening with this building?  It is abandoned…again.  Time to do something about it.  It is now an eyesore.

How hard is it to place this in a trash can. There is one only a few steps from this location.

Moving to the former Elfarrow location in the Bay and Algoma area.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.  Seems to be doing OK.

Some of Thunder Bay’s iconic crappy graffiti.

Clematis flowers. Lots of blooms

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