Thunder Bay – Sail Superior Zodiac Power Boat Tour To Porphyry Island Lighthouse

Not the best weather. Choppy water and rain at the island did not allow for lots of photography. Plus the boat travels extremely fast. Sail Superior  website.

Trip worth it and I plan on going out next summer again, hopefully on a sunny day. Porphyry Island Provincial Park.

 Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior website

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Dressed up in our flotation suits


Bird observatory at the foot of the Sleeping Giant

Silver Islet

The boathouse at the island.

Graves from the 1800s

The old wooden tower that was constructed in 1873 was replaced with this in 1961

Hatch at the top of the light


The light. Its solar powered today

On a clear day, you can go outside

The climb up

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  1. Jason
    Jason at | | Reply

    Im pretty sure the Thunder Bay harbour has a legal speed limit of 30 kph, and the harbour limits are all the way to the sleeping giant/ pie island etc..

    Im not complaining, just an observation.

    excellent pictures, any insight on the cost of such a cool trip? age limits?

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