The World – Cohen And Manafort Guilt Not Related To Russia

None of theses charges have anything to do with Trump colluding with Russia during the 2016 U.S.elections.

If there was such a thing as collusion, you would think that the Special Prosecutor would have discovered that by now.  The fact that there is zero evidence pointing to collusion, then I have to believe that it never happened.

As Jimmy and crew stated, if you assign a Special Prosecutor to investigate anyone in Washington DC or Wall Street, you are going to find criminal activity.  Tax fraud, bank fraud paying off people to keep them quiet….all that happens every day.  That is why there are existing Federal investigators to look out for those things.

All this makes me wonder if Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor investigating the possibility that Trump colluded with Russia, is trying to make Trump look like a victim.  All this only makes Trump’s support stronger.  It does not hurt him at all.

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  1. Sean Evans
    Sean Evans at | | Reply

    Do you really believe that Trump is squeaky clean? Just because there is YET no evidence of collusion, doesn’t mean it never happened. If his closest consorts, are guilty of corruption, and his CFO has gained immunity, how can anyone believe Trump is innocent of corruption or collusion. The quest must go on to till the Quagmire, and reptiles in the swamp are completely annihilated. Come on, you know better.

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