The World – 9/11 Cancer Toll Rises to 10,000

Its the first story that I want to highlight here.  10,000 people diagnosed with cancer caused by the 9/11 attack.  Of course, the Bush Administration lied about the safety of breathing in the air around ground zero.

A documented lie that has led to thousands of deaths yet nothing mentioned in the mainstream media. Nobody going to jail.  Yet everyone is focused on Trump.  Trump this and Trump that.  The news is all Trump 24 hrs per day.  This is what is now called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Sure, criticise Trump’s policies but do not forget about what previous administrations have done. Do not give criminals a pass just because you hate Donald Trump.

The Bush Administration is filled with war criminals.  Obama’s Administration created ISIS, a group that has led to the death of tens of thousands of people and homelessness of millions.  He turned Libya into a failed state. Clinton has been accused of sexual assault and rape.  These people need to face justice.

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