Thunder Bay – Thursday

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I wonder how long until this will be completed?  There are weeds growing so you know this has been like this for quite a while.

What is supposed to be done here?  Tree planted?

Truck looks like its had a bad day

Looks like plant matter there.  A bent rim.

Its almost free.  Soon it will be out blowing around on public land….maybe in a park?

Work continues at the south end of Marina Park.  The boat launch parking lot.

Looks like this might be a sidewalk


Rec trail extension

Street extension

parking lot extension

Looks like this will have to be moved.

and this will have to be moved as well

and this will have to be moved as well

flattening out those large piles of material that was hauled here from the street extension work

A Bald Eagle

Lots of bees out now

One of my crow friends

Four Safeway carts down at Pool 6

MV Tecumseh at Keefer Terminal and MV Federal Dart at the Thunder Bay Terminals

Foam insulation particles in the Thunder Bay Marina

Parking lot full of construction workers’ vehicles.

Not sure why the City of Thunder Bay does not have the fountain’s nozzles change direction?  I believe that the fountain has the ability to have the nozzles rotate via computer program creating different water spray designs.  Think about it…each water nozzle can be moved while water is shooting out of it.  Imagine the patterns that can be created?

I saw this on the first day the fountain was operational. Never saw it used since.

Foam insulation particles around fountain area

Baby stage 

Foam insulation particles on Van Norman Street near St Paul Street

Foam insulation particles in Waverley Park/Magnus Theatre area

Foam insulation particles trapped on spider webs

Source of foam insulation particles

Flowers still in Waverley Park after Labour Day!  I wonder how long until they are removed?

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