Thunder Bay – Friday

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Still no sod.  Frost is getting close.

Cigarette butts have surpassed plastic straws as the single greatest source of ocean pollution.

Imagine what the smokers in Thunder Bay are doing to Lake Superior.  This city has a huge number of  cigarette butts laying on the ground just about everywhere in the city.  Its disgusting.

Helicopter sign now up at the Pearl Street entrance to Marina Park

Still trying to take this photo.

Railway car art.

Lets have a close look at what is getting dumped at Pool 6…


I wonder what the birds will say next spring when they return to these boxes?

Not sure what the hours of operation are for the CCGS Alexander Henry tours.  Its open this Saturday as part of Open Doors Thunder Bay.

Not sure what bird this is…

Red-Winged Blackbirds

Painted Turtles

MV Cinnamon 

Interesting story.  My understanding is that the foam insulation particles that originate from the hotel construction site have managed to block the inlet of the pump of one boat in the marina.  This allowed water to accumulate inside the boat.  The boat almost sank.  I wonder if that is what happened to the Superior Rocket?

That is what happens when you live in a backward community where contractors are not required to control airborne construction debris.  Other cities put restrictions on construction sites.  Not Thunder Bay.  Screw the public.

Rumour has it that the dark grey colour is the final exterior colour.

Why spend a big pile of cash buying a fountain with computer controlled nozzles that can swivel if the nozzles remain in a fixed position?   Twelve garden hoses pointed straight up produces the same results.

Only one of the pond water jets is operational.  Why?

Sunday’s Festival of Colours is worth taking in..3pm.


Lots of trash in Thunder Bay.

Still not fixed.

More trash…

Closed for the season in the first week of September.  I guess our high salaried residents of City Hall do not think that tourists visit the city in September.  Of course, this office was closed Sundays and Mondays during the brief period that it was open.

I was talking with a former resident of Thunder Bay who wanted to get some tourist information for a large number of wedding guests she was expecting to come here later this month.  She was surprised to find this office closed.  She had to go to out to the Terry Fox lookout to get that information.

She was also sad to see the lack of maintenance that our high salaried residence of City Hall figure the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination, Prince Arthur’s Landing/Marina Park, deserves.  This is City Hall Modus Operandi when it comes to infrastructure….get Queens Park and/or Ottawa to pay for construction, then let the taxpayer owned facility rust and rot away.  Once it has rusted and rotted away, get Queens Park and.or Ottawa to pay for construction of a new facility and…well, you get the idea.

Poop bag…

Sadly, it looks like we will still be wearing underwear in the future.  Cotten underwear.  I was hoping that there would be big advances in underwear technology somewhere down the line.

Replacing a stolen parking meter.

Came across this Monarch buttefly so I took a lot of photos.

Waited over seven years for this stretch of sidewalk to be replaced.  Looks like more waiting is required.

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