Thunder Bay – Saturday

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An uneaten persian.

The perfect woman?

Another City of Thunder Bay repair waiting for completion.  How long will the public have to wait?  Days? Weeks? Months?

One of the Pearl Street entrance crows

We are going to let this Thanksgiving Dinner just  fly away?


People headed to the CCGS Alexander Henry for Doors Open Ontario. Too bad that the City of Thunder Bay did not require the contractor working on the street extension to maintain the section of existing road that was being used as a haul road.

Clean off the dirt that was left on the road by the haul trucks.  Today, vehicles driving on this section of road were raising a cloud of dust.  Pedestrians walking down to the ship have to eat dust.   Hurrah!

I guess pedestrians in Thunder Bay are used to eating dust but visitors to the city are not.

Went on the ship again. Just took a few pictures. First visit post here.

The ship’s spider

Same company that took over a year to complete the Banning Street water and sewer paper replacement is now working on the street extension.  I wish the contractor working on the  Banning Street project would finish it. The sod still needs to be laid. Its getting late in the year.

Boat launch parking lot

Rec trail extension

Still trying to take a good photo of these backlit flowers

I had to explain to the young foreign women that the flowers they thought were part of the Healing Garden, were not part of any Healing Garden.  In fact, there is no Healing Garden. Just a Healing Garden plaque.  City of Thunder Bay does not maintain its $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination. In actuality, the City of Thunder Bay does not maintain ANY of the publicly owned infrastructure it has.

Some other examples of zero park maintenance

Weed-filled shrub beds

Severely cracked rec trail

Whatever this was

Some hotel rooms have furniture

Foam insulation particles

MV Cinnamon

Someone taking a helicopter tour?

If you enter the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination via the railway overpass, you drive passed this…

You would drive passed this.  Its looked like this for well over a month.


Its been so long that the temporary repair is in need of repair


The work could have been included in this project….but it was not.  If it was, the catchbasin repairs would have been completed a couple of months ago.

The catchbasins are located just around the corner


How about the other direction?  Any work that could have been included in the overpass contract?  Well, of course there is.  Curb and gutter work.

But this work was not included.  Why not?   Oh right…the City of Thunder Bay is broke.

A dead bird. Is it a crow?  Maybe I know the bird.  It could be one of the Camelot Street entrance crows.

Frustrating. Why?

More infrastructure that needs to be repaired or removed.  Instead, there is a Magic Cone tied to the thing.


This temporary catchbasin repair is now permanent. Its been like this for several years now.

and the sidewalk looks like this

and the street looks like this

and the sidewalk looks like this

and the street looks like this

and the giant flower pot is located here

and this sod looks like all other locations where sod has been placed in the city.  The sod is dead.

looks like crap…and this is in front of one of our tourist bureaus!

as is this

and this

and this



pedestals with nothing on them…why?  What are these for?


and this…what is this?


and this…why does this look like this…

looks like winter sand is still stuck on the side of this hydrant

someone needed to take the edge off  of the day

another person needed to take the edge off of the day.

This hydrant was replaced back in 2011.  The area around it sunk shortly after. Contractor not held responsible for crap work.

In other words, this has looked like this for at least 5 years.  I am sure it will still look like this 10 years from now.



Doors Open Ontario Prince Arthur Hotel.

I did not take the tour. I would have had to wait too long.

Water bomber getting water out of the harbour.  Must be a fire around the city somewhere.

An irresponsible Thunder Bay parent teaching his children to ride on the sidewalk.  This creates a new generation of sidewalk cyclists.

Bay Street sidewalk that was not replaced back in 2010 because of lack of funds has still not been replaced.  It does look like the work is going to get done soon….but looks can be deceiving.

Looks like someone decided to eat some of the persian mentioned at the top of this page.






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