Thunder Bay – Sunday

Bike lock?

Court Street contract so far

Why does the City of Thunder Bay plant trees and then not replace them if they die?   By not replacing the trees, it makes it look like the original idea to plant those trees in the boulevards was a bad idea.  Was it?  Why keep planting them along downtown streets then?

Or, is the City of Thunder Bay too cheap to buy more trees?   

This system is also being used in the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  After trees located around the fountain die, they are not replaced.  Why not?

How long until this gets finished?  Its a sidewalk.  People walk on sidewalks.

and why was this sidewalk not replaced at the same time?

Its close by.  It looks like crap.

Work continues at the south end of Marina Park




MV Cinnimon


MV Federal Danube

Hmmm….someone dropped a deuce out on the Pool 6 land

Flies like human feces.

Nashville Warbler?

The stuff being hauled out to the Pool 6 lands has all sorts of debris in it.

Are more bird boxes going to be installed on the Pool 6 lands?

Is it closed for the season?  Is it open?  Who knows?

Double Crested Cormorant

Sailboat race

MV Manitoulin

Looks like a purple Smartie

Do you see a Healing Garden here?

You can see the rocks that were used to outline the garden

Overgrown by grass and every other plant

Helicopter coming in for a landing at the Pool 6 dock

Loots of geese down on the waterfront.  Getting ready for the flight south

Sigh….parked on the wrong side of the road, in a no parking zone next to a pedestrian crosswalk. Three parking offences that is frowned upon in every other city other than Thunder Bay.

The Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) should be shut down until its patrons learn to obey parking regulations.


Why is there peat moss on the pedestrian overpass?

Why do people leave their trash all over the city?

An interesting fact about the Prince Arthur Hotel.  There is one bathroom window that is smaller than the other bathroom windows.

You can see it in the centre of the photo. Story goes that Queen Elizabeth (likely before she was Queen), while staying at the Prince Arthur Hotel,  demanded that the window was reduced in size so people could not look in.  So the story goes.

Racers are returning

Setting up

Coloured corn starch for sale

A real find for one of the city’s walking dead

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