Thunder Bay – Monday

Preparing to lay sod on the Banning Street contract.  I don’t give the stuff much hope of success.  The city would be better off just seeding the area.


Installing some short posts at various locations around the Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel’s valet parking lot. Not sure what they are for but I will keep an eye on it.

Rec trail extension at south end of Marina Park

I think there will be a sidewalk going to the new parking lot

Remnants of the Festival of Colours

Double Crested Cormorant

Foam insulation particles in the marina

Nobody running around in the fountain.

Just so you know, cigarette butts are polluting the ocean more than plastic straws. They are also polluting our cities as well.

Sigh, this looks like stuff given to the city’s walking dead by some group. Waste of money.

toothbrush apple and who knows what else.  It all ends up laying around the city.


Looks like someone dropped a deuce on the steps of the Camelot Street transformer station

It sure smelled like human feces. Maybe some of the members of those bleeding hearts social organizations can go down to that building and scrape the shit off of the steps.

Ahhh an LCBO bag.

Looks like some had to take the edge off of the day with an ice cold Carling.

Not sure what is happening with the Courthouse hotel project.

Looks like someone is using the Waverley Park Pavilion as an office?   Is this the reception desk?

See how well this sod is doing?  Waverley Park Pavilion. Laid down this passed spring.

Looks great doesn’t it?

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