Thunder Bay – Tuesday

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Posts installed in the new parking lot built at the south end of Marina Park.  Could be bases for signs?

Dust on the road to Pool 6.

Contractor should be required to brush the sand and gravel off of the street.

If the CCGS Alexander Henry is closed for the season, then the sign should reflect that.

The fact that the ship is closed for the season should also be reflected on the signs at the entrances to Marina Park

Northern Harrier Hawk being harassed by crow

Orange Sulphur Butterfly?

Rec trail extension

MV Cinnimon

MV Federal Danube

Female Red Breasted Merganser?

Still not fixed

An empty bottle of Rickards Red in Lake Superior

Site of stolen parking meter being repaired.  New parking meter to follow.

Court Street construction…looks like a flower planter of some sort.  Bike lane will be located on boulevard just as it is on the section of Court Street south of Bay Street

Your tax dollars at work…..


Notice anything?  Do you see a problem with the sidewalk?

See anything that might be described as an obstruction?  Something that might get in the way of sidewalk plows in the winter?

See something that should have been moved before the road construction started?  Your tax dollars at work.

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