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City MPPs critical of notwithstanding clause plan for Toronto council cuts

Michael Gravelle does not recall a time during Liberal’s 15-year run forming government in Ontario when his party ever had the notwithstanding clause on the table.

Yet, just months into the Progressive Conservative’s fledgling provincial government, Premier Doug Ford on Monday announced the section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be invoked to bypass a Superior Court of Justice ruling that undermined his efforts to slash the number of wards in the city of Toronto in time for next month’s municipal election.

“Certainly it was never used and has never been used in previous governments – Conservative, NDP and Liberal governments,” Gravelle said on Tuesday, one day before members are to be called back to Queen’s Park for the government to reintroduce the legislation.

Judith Monteith-Farrell, the rookie NDP MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan, said the situation is more than a Toronto issue.

“I think all municipalities should expect that if you get onto Doug Ford’s radar and he doesn’t like something that you’re doing, he’s going to interfere,” Monteith-Farrell said.

“In this case, it’s in the middle of an election. People had registered and that’s what was ruled on, that those people’s rights were being impacted.”

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath had labelled Ford’s actions as a “personal vendetta against his political enemies” at Toronto city hall.

“We need to see that there’s an attack on democracy and the rule of law. We hope that we don’t live in a dictatorship and that laws should matter and that courts should matter,” Monteith-Farrell said. “Politicians should abide and hold those laws dear.” – Tbnewswatch

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….City MPPs critical of notwithstanding clause plan for Toronto council cuts….

Seriously?  This is news?  The City’s MPPs are members of the opposition.  They would be critical of the Ford Government if it came up with a cure for cancer.  That is what they do.

The notwithstanding clause exists. The Ontario Government was democratically elected.  The judge was not.  Four years from now, you can kick this government to the curb and elect another one.  THAT is how our democracy works.

Why not wait and see what happens?  Maybe a smaller council will work better.  Maybe it will be a disaster.  It will save a giant pile of that sweet, sweet, taxpayer cash.  Tens of millions of dollars that can now be spent on other things.

Change is hard for many people to accept….especially those who are about to lose their high salaried City Hall jobs.   All I am saying is…Give change a chance.

I believe that Thunder Bay City Council could be cut down to just ward councillors and a mayor.  That is all a city of this size needs.

Notice a lot of people mentioning that the Ford Government got only 40% of the vote. A minority of votes cast.  Most people voted against him.  Hey, they are preaching to the choir here.  I want the electoral system changed.  Proportional representation or ranked ballots.   Seems like I am the only one.

A Majority Government IS a dictatorship.  “Not-My-Prime Minister” Trudeau is a dictator. He does whatever he wants.  He only got 39% of the vote. Nobody complaining about that.

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