Thunder Bay – Wednesday

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Your tax dollars at work….

Sigh….why not replace the light pole?   Why not remove the base then?  Leaving it like this for years and years and years should not be an option.

Managed to finish this sidewalk repair without closing down Cumberland Street.  Hurrah!

As good as it gets in this city.  Why not die the cement to match that sidewalk?   How much more could that cost?

Work continues at the south end of Marina Park

Hopefully, removing these two piles are part of the contract

Is this a Blue Winged Teal?

You got something stuck in your teeth

Not sure what this is

Blue Jay

Railway car art

MV Cinnamon

MV Federal Danube

No splashers in the fountain.

As long as restaurants feel its OK to try and heat the world by using these propane heaters, just to keep their patios open for a few extra weeks in the early fall, then I don’t see any reason why I should care about the size of my carbon footprint.

Of course there is…

Still not fixed

Was this a fish?

Red Breasted Merganser

A gull in trouble.

Something wrong with its tongue. It looked like it was trying to swallow something.

Tongue looks like its stuck to the roof of its mouth

Shit’s still there.  Other trash is gone.

The patch on a patch has been permanently repaired.

aAnother Thunder Bay hero riding her bicycle on the street where it belongs.  Helmet and bright clothing as well.

Will the contractor repairing the outside of Magnus Theatere have to clean up all the foam insulation particles that were produce by his/her work?


Turned its back on me.

Flowers are still in Waverley Park.  How much longer?

Well, it lasted two years.


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