Thunder Bay – Thursday

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Sodding..lets take a look.

The seam between an new and old should be almost invisible.  If the work was done properly. If the contractor actually cared.  Good enough for government work…right?  Looks like crap.

Should be zero gap along sidewalk.

Looks like sod simply laid upon the ground.  It should be sunk so it matches the elevation of the existing grass.

The seam between new and old  should be invisible.  This is as far from invisible as you can get. Looks like crap. Why is the work acceptable?  Good enough for government work.

Did they run out of sod?

Just laid the sod on the ground.  Old and existing should match

Sigh…looks like crap. We paid for this crap.

The DSSAB apartment complex built at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall Streets looks like its complete.  Now we wait  for the bed-bug infested furniture to arrive.

Court Street is almost ready for paving

Gulls really like this roof.

Firefighters down at the waterfront.  Playing, I mean practising with some of their toys, I mean equipment out on the water.

MV Cinnamon in background

Geese have been busy

Crows await the latest load of dirt dumped at the Pool 6 site.

Crows look through the piles for bugs and whatever.

The dirt is being produced by the water line installation work at the south end of Marina Park.

Is the stuff contaminated?  What is in that soil? Does anyone care?

Who is going to decide on the future of the Lakehead Transportation Museum site?  I believe its Brook McIlroy.  The waterfront is their turf.  Nothing gets built down there without their say-so.

Pool 6 building’s windows getting washed.  Maybe not the best time to do this, you know, with haul trucks driving passed the building all day raising clouds of dust.

Hooded Merganser?

A blob

MV John D. Leitch

MV Federal Danube

Looks like the gull I mentioned yesterday that seemed to bee having problems swallowing has dies.

Another dead gull

Gull being chased by other gulls.  It has grabbed something.

Have not seen an empty bottle of Kelly’s finest for a long time.  I wonder where the wine tasting events are now taking place?

Trash is still around though.

After eight years of waiting, the Bay Street sidewalk that was supposed to be replaced back in 2010 but was not because the contract ran out of money, is finally getting replaced.

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