Thunder Bay – Friday

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Sidewalk removed just in time for the weekend.

This is an issue with sod placed next to the sidewalk. If the level of the sod is not below the sidewalk, the sod is in danger of being ripped up by the sidewalk plow this winter.

I expect some of this sod to be removed by the sidewalk plow this winter.  It will come of in large chunks.

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street Algoma Street no less where it belongs.

I thought that maybe we have advanced passed this primitive construction technique but noooo.  Contractors still cut concrete using a method that produces a huge cloud of concrete dust. No attempt at all to minimize the amount of dust. 

South end of Marina Park construction

More signs pointing to the CCGS Alexander Henry

The problem is that it does not open until noon.  Sooo, if you show up before then, its closed.

Contractor must maintain haul road.

Pool 6 road looking worse because of all the large trucks using it

MV John D. Leitch

MV Cinnamon

Gulls love that roof.

Marina Park Pier 1.  Might have something to do with the replacement of all the docks.

Dog owner did not pick this up

Last day is Saturday.

Will this shut down on Saturday as well?

Still not fixed

Still dead.

Someone decided to smash a glass bottle in the Urban Lounge’s urinal area.  Surprised that there are still glass bottles.

Sadly, this type of thing can still be seen here in Thunder Bay.   A little water would reduce the amount of dust produced down to almost zero.


Another Thunder Bay cycling zero riding her bicycle on the Court Street sidewalk instead of the cycle lane which we taxpayers paid to install.

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