Thunder Bay – Saturday

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Hey MB, come and get your construction signs.  Ain’t nobody working on Banning Street anymore.

Looks like someone decided that these barricades needed to be knocked over.

Water flows downhill.  Then it stops.  This is where it stopped on the Bay Street sidewalk construction site.

Yup, the dance class has started up again soo that means the illegally parked cars have returned to Court Street. Hurrah!

Screw pedestrians. Screw cars trying to negotiate the intersection.  People must be able to park as close to the dance class door as physically possible.  Thunder Bay residents are extremely lazy.  As lazy as they come in Canada.

Pearl Street entrance to Marina Park will be closed for two days later this month.   Nice of the railway to let us know.  City of Thunder Bay could learn something here. Warn drivers of a planned street closure AHEAD of the actual closure.

South end of Marina Park…

All quiet…

A pair of Downy Woodpeckers.

A lot of debris in that large pile of material excavated from the road extension work. The latest excavated material is being piled on top of the contaminated material excavated during the construction of the first phase of Prince Arthur’s Landing…the condo and hotel site to be exact.

I wonder if this is the house of the beaver that lives around the Pool 6 pond?

The rec trail extension. I will get better photos tomorrow. Today, there were workers present.





Hmmmm – Cigarettes

Hmmm….Mix?  Vodka and this stuff?

MV Tecumseh


Looks like new concrete curb and gutter next week

MV Cinnamon

MV John D. Leitch

Immature Bald Eagle


Last day

MV Tecumseh

Last day?

Males should be getting their colours back soon

Still not fixed

These crows were screaming at me

A pair of loiterers.

These cups are a close third to Tim Hortons on the city’s most popular litter chart.  What is first?  Its no contest. Cigarette butts.

Something going to happen here?  Utility locating is a sign of construction.  Might have something to do with the Prince Arthur Hotel’s renos.

Might be time to address this.  Its been like this for six years at least…but whose counting?





All fire hydrants used to be red back in the Port Arthur and Fort William days.  They were also painted regularly.  Neither is true today.

You need a panhandling sign?

Main Street overpass

Paving crew walked all over the concrete with their asphalt covered boots.  This stuff does not come off.

City of Thunder Bay should make it quite clear in all paving contracts that this kind of careless crap by the contractor’s employees is not acceptable.  It looks like shit.

Imagine this happening on your street. Nice new concrete sidewalks, curb and gutter covered by black boot prints.

Is this as good as it gets?

What should it look like?

More like this one on the Central Avenue overpass. Notice the difference?

Hmmm….the edge of pavement will eventually crack and break away

Are they heading south?



More work on the Transit HQ yard

Lots of these laying around, Second only to cigarette butts in numbers

A family of Thunder Bay heroes riding their bicycles on the street where they belong. Fort William Road no less…

Sitting here for year after year waiting for a huge rain.   Just sitting here.  Doing nothing else but waiting. Does it even run?

Some sod on last year’s Court Street construction project.


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