Thunder Bay – Thursday

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Installation of concrete curb and gutters continues at the boat launch parking lot in Marina Park

Will the work be completed by the weekend?  By the end of Saturday?

Still a few of these things left in the north core.

Big wind blew some things down

Street extension work grinds to a halt.

Hard to see but there is a Blue Jay looking at me. Its not in focus because it was way in the back and left quickly after photo was taken.  No chance for a second photo.

Hooded Mergansers


Railway car graffiti..,It was pointed out to me that this is vandalism and not art. That is true but it still introduces some colour into a boring railway yard.  Maybe the railway companies should paint their cars using bright colours?

Seeing a lot of these birds around. White-Winged Dark-eyed Juncos?

Have not been able to walk around the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail for several day because of construction.

The wind has blown some trash around as well.

Empty beer cans

Sooo, they had all summer and now, in early fall, our high salaried residents of City Hall decide to paint the arrows in this Marina Park parking lot?  Just before the snow arrives?

The Camelot Street entrance crows

Still not fixed

I wonder what is wrapped up in that newspaper?  I did not look.  Maybe nothing

Some more Thunder Bay waterfront poetry.

I heard that the big wind blew over some of these portable toilets.

The Great Benjamins Circus is at Intercity. $25 to go. Tickets here.

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