Thunder Bay – Saturday

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Hmm….looks likr the City of Thunder Bay has decided to not install one of the posts planned for the corner of Court and Bay Streets

This is the post that when combined with the light post located in the centre of the sidewalk make it almost impassible for a sidewalk snowplow to pass between them.

As yyou can see from the remaining post there is electrical wires in them. I believe they will house the buttons to activate/change the pedestrian crossing signal.

This is one of those posts installed last year after the Court Street between Bay and John  Streets contract was completed.  It has been hit by a sidewalk snowplow once already.

Someone forgot their work gloves

Boat launch parking lot so far.

I wonder if the contractor will remove the excess concrete that was discarded next the to curb and gutter?  It would be nice.

Dark eyed Junco (white winged)?


White Throated Sparrow?

Wind or vandalism?


Some distant fall colours

MV Americaborg

Noticed quite a few of these wooden light poles located around the City of Thunder Bay’s $70 million PLUS premier tourist destination, aka: Prince Arthur’s Landing, are  being cut down.  Rotten at the base?  How old are they?  At most eight years old?  Being removed and replaced after only eight years?  Value for money?  NO WAY!

Not sure what colour means OK and what colour means cut down.

What does this mean?

Hopefully, all this work removing and replacing these eight year old wooden poles will not damage the Healing Garden….

I wonder how much the City of Thunder Bay charges to store these boats on taxpayer owned property.  My guess is nothing.

Foam insulation particles that originated from the four star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.  No effort to minimise the amount of construction debris that ended up in the park.

Yes….you can simply lift the top of this lamp of the base if you want.

Then there are these wooden poles. They were expensive. Now they need maintenance, which wood exposed to the elements always needs.

Phase 1 of the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination is still not finished.  Market Square, which is now going to be a parking lot is not complete.  Nor is the commercial building that the private developer promised to build on the south side of the fountain.

Foam insulation particles in the fountain pond

I wonder who owns this furniture that is in Mariner’s Hall?  Is it us taxpayers?

wooden light post that was cut down

Might need some CLR to remove some of those pesky rust stains.  Of course this is called maintenance and maintenance costs money.

Molson Cold Shots…

the urinal

Bald Eagles



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