Thunder Bay – Sunday

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Blue Jay

What happens when you park a steel wheel roller on fresh asphalt for an extended period time?  You get two depressions in the asphalt.  Question…If you can compress the asphalt more by parking a steel wheel roller on it, then does that mean that the asphalt on the entire street still needs compaction?  How does the taxpayer know that we are getting value for money if the asphalt’s level compaction is never measured?  Is there not specs for this work?

Lets have churches NOT ring their bells on Sunday.  Maybe for special occasions such as weddings…

Hooded Mergansers

Northern Shrike?

Railway car graffiti

MV Algoma Harvester


MV Americaborg looks like MV Radcliffe R. Latimer at Thunder Bay Terminals in background

Concrete cleanup required in boat launch parking lot

The sun was shining on that spot

Looks like the strong wind the other night blew part of this tree down in Waverley Park.  It was a big hunk of tree.

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