Thunder Bay – Monday

Rainy day so not many photos. Click on any image to enlarge

Tracks on the base course of asphalt placed at the end of last week.  Water flows to the lowest spot so the lows and highs become easier to see when its raining or just after it has rained.

Should equipment be able to leave tracks on properly compacted asphalt?   I believe the answer to that is no.

Does the City of Thunder Bay do any compaction testing on asphalt?

Yes, this will be covered by another layer of asphalt.  Will that asphalt be compacted to optimum spec levels?

I do not believe this work is value for money. Does it matter?  Nope. Why not?  Because our high salaried residents of City Hall will not lower the rating for any company to the point where that company can no longer bid on city contracts.  It just won’t happen.  Don’t you think contractors understand this?  Of course they do.

Good enough for government work.  That is a real saying.

Managed to get a closer look at the new High Street Wall.   Looks even more real close up.  Just look at those rock-like panels.  Does it get any more real than that?  THAT is a rock wall.

Hmmm…What do you think?

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