Thunder Bay – Wednesday

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Hmmmm….I thought that joints on each layer of asphalt should be offset from the one below.  It looks to me that the centreline joint of the surface layer is right over the centreline joint of the bottom layer.  I could be wrong.  It is what it looks like.

I assume the red paint is going to be the location of the surface centreline joint.


Looks like it follows the centreline joint of the bottom layer.  I guess we will see.

Why the strange shape of the cutout for the manhole?  What is wrong with a simple square or rectangle?  How do you compact this?

Something like this.   Still, how do you compact the asphalt around the manhole?   You know, ensure compaction of asphalt up to spec levels?

I see all sorts of strange shapes of repaired areas around our great city.

Once again, how do you compact these narrow areas?

What equipment can compact this asphalt up to spec?

Turning into a real quagmire.  This is how it will look come spring.

A male Hooded Merganser

The MV Algoma Harvester

Headed out of harbour

Waves crashing over the breakwater


Won’t be open this weekend.  Marina closes on the 15th.

There is a boat launch at the end of Pier 1

Its pretty tight for manoeuvring a truck and trailer but I have seen it done just last week.

If all of those boats were not piled up at the end of the Pier, there would be more room for vehicles and trailers.  

How much does the City of Thunder Bay charge the people who are storing their boats there?  It should not be free.

Noticed a couple of restoration/cleanup companies vehicles down at the hotel construction site.

I wonder why?  Something to do with all this rain?

These guys will be headed south soon.

More wind driven waves

The strong wind has removed a lot of leaves from local trees

What is sooo hard about taking your trash and putting it in a trash can?  There is one at the entrance to the pedestrian overpass.  People have to walk passed it when they leave.

Why are all these concrete repairs being made soooo late in the year? Would have been nice if these repairs were made in the spring.

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    Anonymous at | | Reply

    OK. I have been enjoying your comments for a few years now and I can’t ignore this mistake any longer. When you walk by something you are walking “past” it, not “passed” it. e.g. “People have to walk passed it when they leave.” should be “past it when they leave.”

    A comment about these knuckle-draggers: You could have a hundred garbage cans in an area and they would still drop their trash on the ground. My solution is to shoot one or two of these idiots. Word will get around and it will stop. Unfortunately, this is apparently illegal.

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