Thunder Bay – Waterfront Hotel Slated For December 2018 Opening

Thunder Bay waterfront hotel slated for December, 2018 opening

The new hotel at Prince Arthur’s Landing in Thunder Bay, Ont., finally has an opening date.

The hotel was originally proposed to open in 2016, but numerous legal battles, construction liens and construction delays put the project over two years behind schedule.

The website for Delta Hotels by Marriott shows the property officially opening in December 2018.

However, reservations for rooms at the new eight-storey building cannot be booked for arrivals before the end of January 2019. – CBC News
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The completion date has changed many times since the waterfront development began.  I have many posts on the subject.
The hotel project has never met a target date yet.  Not a starting date.  No a completion date.  Not a one. They finally gave them selves the entire year of 2018 to complete the hotel.  Looks like they might miss that date as well.
Original completion timelines for the proposed four-star hotel date back to 2014, with signs posted outside the construction site having previously declared scheduled opening dates of spring 2016, 2017 and now 2018. –  April 25, 2017 Tbnewswatch
How much of the hotel will be completed by the end of the year?  Some of it? All of it?  Who knows?  Does it really matter?   Does anyone still care about the hotel?
Back in July, the Ministry of Labour ordered the developer to hire a competent project supervisor.  That should tell you everything you need to know about this project.
The whole Prince Arthur’s Landing project is what you end up with when a huge pile of that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash gets handed over to a bunch of high salaried incompetents.  We deserve better.
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  1. Mr Coco
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    I wouldn’t put too much weight into the competent supervisor thing. Everybody knows large union local contractors use the MOL as proxies to torment out of town construction companies when they don’t get hired due to their sky high quotes. Tom Jones and the carpenters union pulled the same crap on me 3 years ago, all the charges got thrown out.

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