Thunder Bay – Monday

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Snow on the ground this morning.

Golden rod

Railway car graffiti

THe gang is not all there yet.

Road extension work still on hold.

Pleasant surprise.  An adult bald eagle.

The bird then flew away.   I could not get any closer.

MV Algoma Sault

MV Federal Asahi

Immature bald eagle

What these really ugly granite blocks look like after the contractor gets finished handling them.

What they look like before the contractor handles them

Getting ready to por concrete sidewalk

Paving of the parking lot is scheduled to be complete on Friday

Hooded Merganser

Ooooooo,  Cinnamon Whiskey

Snowing over there?

Dark-eyed Junco

How does the contractor handle the really ugly granite blocks?

Looks like the gang is all there.  No place else to hang out?

Sun is shining on the giant.

Some new graffiti.

Broken bottles.  I’m guessing they were tossed off the pedestrian overpass (Urban Lounge)

More broken glass

More graffiti.

The urinal area of the pedestrian overpass (Urban Lounge)

Someone cleaned up.  Most of the trash is gone.

Not all of it.

Rink going up in the Wilson Street Parkette

City workers have to reinstall the light poles.  They removed them last spring.

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