Thunder Bay – Tuesday

That blue at the top of the photo is sky.  Yes, the sky is blue…when its not covered by clouds.

Anyway, work at the south end of Marina Park has stalled.  Nothing happening here for a couple of weeks now.

Erecting some trees…Yup….that is what they are doing.

Hopefully, eagles will build a nest on this

A bat house

Another tree for birds to hang out in

and another

This platform is under hydro wires.

Hopefully they won’t bother the birds

Railway car graffiti.

Putting another tree up.

The paving of the boat launch parking lot is supposed to be finished on Saturday.

Future sidewalk

Installing paving stones between the condo towers

Removing the granite balloon animals. They will be repaired and reinstalled inside somewhere.

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October 15th and Pier 3 is now off limits to the general public.  Why?  Who knows? Its October 15th  and that is the only reason that our high salaried residents of City Hall need to keep the taxpayers from using something they paid to build.

Installing a light post?



Still not fixed

How in the world is this bird going to eat this?

It cannot get it all in.

Sidewalk repaired.  Paving still required.  In the meantime, Water Street has one southbound lane closed at this location.  It could have been worse.  Our high salaried residents of City Hall could have closed both southbound lanes.

For some reason, the rest of the sidewalk has been ignored. Looks like it could have been replaced as well.

A patchwork of repairs.  That is Thunder Bay.

Loiterers loitering.

Not sure what is going on here. Lots of utility location work

Three Walmart carts and a Safeway cart

Wilson Street Parkette rink

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