Thunder Bay – Saturday

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Parked too close to the intersection and crosswalk

Parked too close to intersection and crosswalk


Tried to limit the number of Bald Eagle photos to less than 70.

Paving a driveway in the cold weather

MV Federal Schelde

MV Lubie

Centreline stakes and shoulder stakes.    The stakes represent one side of the road.  The road is not that wide.  As you can see, the pole is in the way.  Tbaytel is burying the line so all poles will be removed.

I believe this to be a Song Sparrow

Boat launch parking lot so far.

Water pooling in low spots.

Almost looks like a truck was parked here.

MV Tecumseh

Dark eyed Junco

Almost looks like something was parked here. Two low spots that are about the same distance apart as wheels on a truck.

Most people use the parking lot when picking up their children from Saturday’s activities at the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office).  There are always a few who insist on sitting in their cars, parked in no parking zones, engines running setting a really bad example for their children.

Pier 3 open on Saturday

Almost all boats are now gone. Only a handfull left.

Nice hat but its probably full of cooties.

There must be a better place to hang out.

Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel is installing gates

Stubbies are back?

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