Thunder Bay – Saturday

Found another one of these painted rocks in Marina Park.

Not sure why the City of Thunder Bay puts up these no parking signs if it is not prepared to enforce parking regulations.   Thunder Bay only checks parking meters Monday to Friday.

If laws and regulations are not going to be enforced, then get rid of them.  People ignoring them is just sad.

More lines painted on Court Street.

Turning arrows as well

Still no bus stops signs installed

Bike lane markings not painted yet

No lines on this side street yet.   Sooo, why does this work take more than one day?   Days are not getting any warmer.  Could see snow soon.  I would think that getting these pavement markings installed would be a priority job.  Not in this city.

Looks like something is happening here.  Going to dig this up?  Is this Union Gas?  They have been digging holes around the north core.

Does Safeway not miss their carts?

The work on the boat launch parking lot, the road extension and the work done on the parking lot that was supposedly completed last year but evidently was not is progressing at a snail’s pace.  You would almost think that the contractor was being paid by the hour.

Funny…the contractor does not have many people working on this project.  Why not?  I suspect the contractor is working on other projects at the same time.

Why is the boat launch parking lot not complete?  Its been one month now since the work stated.  One month should be plenty to complete the parking lot.  Should be long enough to finish the extra work that is being done on the parking lot that was supposedly finished last year but was not as well.  Why is this not finished?


Road to Pool 6 was closed today. Work on the water line connection has finally resumed.  That work has also taken forever.


Lines painted on boat launch parking lot.  Supposed to streamline use.  Make moving about the lot easier.  Economic use of space.

Some people don’t understand what the lines are for.  Old habits die hard in Thunder Bay.

I guess erecting these signs are more complicated than I thought.

The rec trail extension is now paved.

You can now walk this far.

Up to now, you could not walk to this point in the bush, but now you can. Nice view.

Walk to the end and this is what you see.

Somehow I imagined the rec trail extension was going to be longer than this.  When former Ontario Premier Wynne handed out the one million dollars to extend the rec trail and prepare the waterfront for the proposed $33 million (most likely closer to $40 million) 93% taxpayer funded, 100% privately run waterfront art gallery.

Not anywhere close to finished.

The family that eats together…

Is this a Pileated Woodpecker?

It did not hang around for long.

Loiterers busy loitering

MV Federal Beaufort

Unsure what type of duck this is.

Crow trying to get at some food.

Finally gives up

Paved this area as well.  Should have just removed and replaced the entire piece of asphalt from the boat launch to the existing asphalt joint in front of the marina office.  It would look better and have fewer joints.  This looks like another patchwork of repairs like you see all over the city.

Starling looking under the leaves for bugs

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