Thunder Bay – Sunday

Still a couple left

I guess someone decided that the building needed this touch of paint.  Life in Thunder Bay.

Not sure what is going on at the boat launch parking lot.  Its not finished?  Will it be completed this year?  Is the fence coming down this year?

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t them drink.

Wondering what I am?

Not sure if these guys were playing around or were fighting.

Looks serious to me

Its in the ditch, right?

This one is where exactly?

MV Federal Clyde

The hole watch continues.  Still a hole. What is going on here?  Are they not going to fill it back in?

What work was done here on Saturday?  This road to Pool 6 was closed.

This water valve was installed

This beaver has been very busy.

Is this a beaver house?  Some sort of animal abode?

Looks like a Northern Harrier Hawk? taking advantage of the wind in order to hover.  Hunting for some food.   It was very far away

Black Capped Chickadee

Railway car graffiti

Used to be a guide rail post where that backhoe drove through. It was broken and needed replacing soooo is it now going to be replaced?

MV Federal Beaufort

Someone actually paid for a helicopter ride in this weather?

Last boat in the marina is still there

What happens when you throw an empty 40 oz Olde English 800 Malt Liquor  bottle from the pedestrian overpass (Urban Lounge) onto the skatepark

Heavy stench or urine today

Vomit pile watch. Its still thefre.

What do we throw away in this city.

Might make a good “I Heart TBAY” poster?

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