Thunder Bay – Missing Person Capital Of Canada?

Just another week in the City of Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay police searching for missing 23-year-old woman
Thunder Bay police say 27-year-old woman reported missing found
Police searching for missing 17-year-old boy in Thunder Bay, ONT
Police in Thunder Bay, Ont., searching for missing 12-year-old girl

Why is there a continuous stream of missing people in this city?  There is something wrong.  Has our City of Thunder Bay Police Services become baby sitters?

This is getting ridiculous.  Thunder Bay is now not only the Murder Capital Of Canada but also the Missing Persons Capital of Canada and the Mac’s Convenience Robbery Capital of Canada.  Why would anyone move here? Why would anyone bring their company here?   Its chaos here.

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  1. Richard Szyja
    Richard Szyja at | | Reply

    Not sure if you noticed but many of the missing are located and then some time later missing again.

    Yes……repeat offenders.

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