Thunder Bay – Monday

Appointment today so my daily tour of Marina Park was extremely brief. Weather was poor anyway.

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Work was continuing down at the south end of Marina Park. I will check it out tomorrow to see what, if anything, was accomplished.

MV Isadora

MV Isolda

MV Federal Clyde

Pedestrian overpass (Urban Lounge). When it rains outside, it rains inside as well.

Vomit pile watch.  Still there.

Remaining snow


Deer action shot.

The young one just walked slowly.

Really interested in what I was doing.

Plastic flowers blown around a cemetery

Souvenirs from Halloween

Think this was a wig

Remember when blue was the colour of recycling?

It never ceases to amaze me about the things you see laying around the city.


Edge of the sidewalk is supposed straight.

Looks like the grass has recently been cut.

Have to have crow photos

Hillcrest Park is now home to some of that ugly grass that is found in the City of Thunder Bay’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Blocks the view of anyone trying to cross the entrance from vehicles.  Especially children.

The Hillcrest Park bell.  It commemorates the incorporation of the City of Port Arthur back in 1884.

Back in 1984,  100 years after the incorporation of the City of Port Arthur Ontario, nothing was mentioned in the news. Nothing was mentioned by the City of Thunder Bay.  Sad.

You can barely make out the words on the bell.

MV Algoma Enterprise leaving Thunder Bay

Former City Councillor and recent failed mayoralty candidate Ian Angus’s power plant.

I can remember when a cooler was the thing that kept your bottles of beer cold.  Yes, bottles.

Chunks of pumpkin.  Looks like it was tossed off of Hillcrest Park’s wall.

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