Thunder Bay – Tuesday

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See anything that can be recycled in there?  It does not matter because this is all going to the landfill.

The unheralded Thunder Bay hero picking up trash along Algoma Street.   I see him doing this regularly.  No awards from City Hall. No photo ops with politicians.

I assume that the Court Street bike lane will be used one day.  Not today though.

Work continues at a snail’ pace at the south end of Marina Park.

The pressure treated timber curbing installed two years ago have been removed and replaced by concrete. Why these were not concrete to start with is beyond me.

Sooo, the 2016 parking lot contract that was supposed to be completed last year but wan’t paid to install pressure treated timber curbs along the walkways leading from the new parking lot to the sidewalk.

The 2018 contract that has nothing to do with the 2016 parking lot that was supposed to be compled last year but wasn’t has paid to remove the two year old pressure treated timber curbs lining the three walkways leading from the parking lot to the sidewalk and install concrete curbs.

Why wait two years to install these concrete curbs?  There was concrete work on the 2016 parking lot.  Lots of it.

Waterfront deathtrap hole has been filled in.

Road to Pool 6 is a muddy mess.

This water has to go somewhere. Right now, the construction site drains into this.  The water has nowhere to go.

The MV Federal Clyde is the only ship still anchored out there

Hooded Mergansers still hanging around

as are the Mallards

A Raven.   You can tell by the curved beak and the large eyebrows

Lunchtime for construction crew. You can tell this is a contractor and not a City of Thunder Bay worker simply by where the worker eats his/her lunch. Contractors eat their lunch on the job site. City workers drive all the way back to their home yards to eat lunch.  Same for coffee break. Contractors have their coffee break on the job site. City workers drive to their favourite coffee shop.

Bald Eagle

Pileated Woodpecker. The red “moustache” makes this a male.

MV Isolda

MV Federal Beaufort is still tied up at Keefer Terminal

Another dead gull.

Looks like a wedding

I wonder how much money the hotel people got from the BDC?  When did they get that loan?  The project was supposedly fully funded waaay back in 2014. The BDC sign only popped up on the project two years ago….when serious construction above ground started up.  The project appeared to be stalled before that. Interesting.

This from the Beer Store website:

POPPERS HARD ICE X-TRA. The light crisp flavour of lemon and lime complementing its original recipe keeps this best-seller top on the list! Made with 9% alcohol and created solely with natural flavours, Hard Ice X-tra brings a whole new dimension of more fun in a can! This refreshing flavour is best enjoyed cold, over ice!

MV Tecumseh leaving port

Scarf anyone?

Jameson Irish Whiskey?  $48.45 a bottle?   It must have been pay day at the pedestrian overpass (Urban Lounge)


What are they waiting for?  Christmas?

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