Thunder Bay – Lakehead University – Den Of Thieves


There is a Lakehead University Engineering student who is having his degree held for ransom by the school.  Yes, its true.  Let me tell the story.

This student was finishing up his Masters this summer.  He was to hand in his thesis in early August. Oral defence of thesis before Examining Committee at the end of August. Life is good.

His supervisor, a definite asshole, told him that he could have some extra time if he wanted. Hand in the thesis early September, oral defence of thesis before Examining Committee at the end of September.  An extra month.  Hurrah! Life is good.

Sooo, that is what happened.  The student was successful.  Thesis passed.  Defence accepted. Life is good.

However, this is where the happy story ends.

Because the whole thesis submission and defence went two weeks into the fall semester, Lakehead University is demanding that he pay for the fall semester BEFORE he can receive his degree.  Yes. Lakehead University is forcing this student to pay for the FULL semester because of those two weeks.  This is extortion and it sounds like a criminal act to me.

Did his supervisor mention that this would be the case if the student delayed the process one month?  Nope.  I believe the supervisor lied to the student by NOT informing him of the potential cost of delaying one month.

Did the supervisor come to the student’s defence when the university demanded payment? Nope.  Did anyone in the department?  Nope.

This appears to me to be an organized scheme by the university to squeeze just a little more money out of its students. I doubt if this student was the first that this happened to.  I doubt it will be the last.

I believe that the student should not pay one nickel to the university.  Go to the media.  Make Lakehead University explain why it is doing this.  Let other people, mainly students and potential students know about this extortion scheme.

A prime example of the Post Secondary Education Industrial Complex in action.  Universities exists to make money.  They are designed to make money.  As far as the university is concerned, you are a source of money. That is all you are. That is all you will ever be.

I would not send my worst enemy to LU.

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