Thunder Bay – Wednesday

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Staying low to the ground.  Still hanging in there.

There are supposed to be metal posts installed in these locations at the corner of Bay and Algoma Street.

December 12, 2017

The above photo shows the posts installed last year at the same intersection on the other side of Bay Street.   The base was installed under the 2017 Court Street construction contract but the posts are installed by the City of Thunder Bay.

Why are these posts not installed under the contract by the contractor?  It would cost taxpayers less money, and the work would be done already.  The same goes for bus stop signs.  Why not have them installed by the contractor?  This is not rocket science we are talking about here.

In the meantime, these Magic Cones are there….for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Keeping the ground from freezing?  Going to pour concrete there?  Why was this work not completed as part of the 2016 contract?  The multi-million parking lot project?

Run out of money in 2016?  Had to wait for Queens Park to hand out another huge pile of that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash?


Snow Bunting

Rail Car graffiti

Ontario Northland rail car.  My first this year?

This is what you have to be on the lookout for while walking around the Pool 6 property.

On the trail that goes around the Pool 6 pond’s north side. The side closest to the construction work.  What does this mean?

Is this water going to be drained into the pond?

This time of year, you look for colour anywhere you can.

MV Federal Beaufort. Looks like a pair of tanker trucks on the dock. Fuel?

The sun hit the MV Federal Clyde for a few seconds.

Last boat in the marina is still there

It will be nice when that small lake that forms there after most rainy days is gone forever.  Will it be replaced a building that was promised by the private developer?  Don”t hold your breath.  Market Square has been cancelled. I am staring to think that the private developer will walk away from all of their leases.

Should be time for Tim Hortons to have a contest on their cups.

Blackfly Mixed Berry vodka cooler.

I see a different mess than I usually see in marina Park

Makeup removing pads?


You look for colour wherever it lies.



Today in the pedestrian overpass (Urban Lounge).  What in the hell are these?

I can tell you what it looks like.   Knitted Knockers?   A pair of breast prosthetics?

Union Gas work on Red River Road still not finished

These sidewalk bricks were removed and replaced by Union Gas.  Did a good job.

Sign not doing any good

Blown over by the wind. In Thunder Bay, these signs are treated as a joke instead of a safety tool.

I guess TVs do not get picked up by the people who empties these cans.

Is this an advertizing campaign? Just leaving pens laying around the city.

A rare sight.  The entrance to the Hoito without panhandlers harassing people patronizing Bay Street businesses in this area.  The panhandlers were very aggressive.

I avoided this sidewalk because of the panhandlers.   I walked on the other side of the street but that was not much of a deterrent.  They would run across the street.

Looks like the Finlandia Labour Temple people finally told them to leave.  hey must have received complaints.

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