Thunder Bay – Thursday

Finally back to work

Maybe finished today?

Heating the hole again.

MV Federal Leda

MV Prosna.  It was tied up at Keefer Terminal but the arrival of the MV BBC Kansas

Still working on installing the electrical conduit

Storm sewer outlets into this area.   I think that is the brown coloured ice.

Back in the outer limits of the Pool 6 property

Crane used to lift stuff onto the top of the four star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel

MV BBC Kansas

No skating yet. Supposed to rain on Saturday

The City of Thunder Bay needs to put some language in contracts and building permits to discourage workers using foul language on job sites located in residential areas and parks.  People yelling f-bombs in a park or in front of your house should not be considered acceptable behaviour.

Definite aroma of mouthwash in the pedestrian overpass (Urban Lounge) today.

Pop Evil and Royal Tusk in town today

I think we already have…..

Could stick the bus stop sign on the Hydrant marker?

These were finally installed at the intersection of Court and Bay Streets.  Now…why are they not operational?  I assume that the button to control the pedestrian crossing signal will be installed on these posts.  Why are the buttons not installed?  What are we waiting for?

I have no idea why things take sooo long to be finished?  Bus stop signs still not installed?  If the installation of these things were part of the road contract, all these things would already be installed.  People using them.  Cheaper as well.

Still, one post missing because of the screw up by the pre-engineering people.  A conflict between post, traffic signal pole and the sidewalk plow required the post base removal.  I assume that the traffic signal pole will be moved next year.  Something that should have been done BEFORE the road contract was tendered.

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