Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Not sure how many people have moved in to the new DSSAB apartment building located at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall Streets. Commercial space on the ground level seems to still be empty.

Chronicle Journal property.  I wonder if any of the newspaper trash has escaped?

Construction ahead?  Where?

Work being done off of the existing road.  Out of sight of drivers. You do not need construction signs on a road that has no construction taking place on it.

These can be placed off of the road.

They are in the way of traffic and snow clearing.  Why are they there?

What high salaried resident of City Hall MENSA candidate thought that starting this work so late in the year was a good idea?

Giving the crows some peanuts.  Unsalted.

These signs should be removed.

MV Solina

MV Wigeon

MV Tim S. Dool

MV Federal Margaree

MV BBC Kansas

Icy spot on rec trail

The rose bush update.  This is what they look like now.  Freeze dries?

Chronicle Journal trash in Marina Park?

Still four condos left to sell?  They must be real winners.

The limit of snow clearing Waterfront Plaza.

Rink is open.

Another icy spot

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