Thunder Bay – Man-Shield Construction In Court Multiple Times Involving Sub-contractors

Man-Shield Construction in court multiple times involving subcontractors

The contractor for two waterfront condominium buildings in Thunder Bay, Ont., who has spent time in court dealing with issues regarding subcontractors and construction liens, has dealt with a number of other legal matters at some of its work sites across Canada.

In a decision involving a flooring contractor with the Thunder Bay condominiums, Justice Bruce Fitzpatrick noted issues with the credibility of Man-Shield’s evidence. The contractor was ordered to pay the subcontractor $650,000.

CBC News has now obtained three other court decisions with similarities to what occurred between Man-Shield and The Floor Show Ltd.

One case, also involving the waterfront condominiums, was also decided by Fitzpatrick in early 2018. It involved Jet Welding, a subcontractor from Thunder Bay, being owed nearly $40,000 for work completed on the project.

Fitzpatrick wrote this case was “quite small when compared to the scope of the amounts at issue in all other litigation.”

Man-Shield claimed the work was deficient, but Fitzpatrick once again noted the evidence supplied by the contractor was not credible, and wrote that the company, “laid in the weeds about the alleged deficiencies and only sprang the evidence after a court imposed deadline had passed.” – CBC News

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As I said before,  the City of Thunder Bay begged these people to build the condos and hotel.  (herehere, here, here)

To make matters worse, not only was Man-Shield Construction was one of several contractors that successfully bid on millions of dollars of Prince Arthur’s Landing work, the company was also the Project Manager of the project as well as a part of the private development consortium that was building the condos and hotel.  Oh yes.

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