Thunder Bay – Thursday

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Decorations going up on the Christmas tree located at the Bay and Algoma area.

Finished product

Some work taking place on the condos.  This is condo #1

Covers taken off of walkways.

Not sure why the two walkways do not line up. There is a jog. 

MV Prosna

MV Federal Weser

MV Blacky

Waiting for me.

What’s left after a crow takes on a peanut.

This crow grabs a couple right away.

This crow is more apprehensive. Not sure what to do?

Gave up.

MV Tecumseh

A lone skater

A group of pedestrian overpass loiterers enjoying some Kelly’s wine.  Takes the edge off of the day.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    some punk thug will kill that tree…watch…. why bother, surprised no protests…soon…

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