Thunder Bay – Friday

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Christmas in Bay and Algoma tonight

The City of Thunder Bay managed to erect the bus stop signs on the section of Court Street that was reconstructed this past summer.  Happened over the last week or so.   Took a month.  Could have been completed by the contractor during construction.  Probably would have cost almost nothing.

My understanding is that condos will be built on this site. It was the old Port Arthur Motors body shop.

Still working on condo tower 1

For some reason, the City of Thunder Bay does not clear the snow from the sidewalk here

or from these walkways

MV Blacky

MV Federal Weser

MV Prosna

Signs still up for some reason

These can be moved off of the shoulder of the road.

Crows only eat the nut part of the peanut.   They even remove the brown seed coating. amazing.

City of Thunder Bay should not allow sidewalks to have drop offs.  The ground on each side of the sidewalk should be flush with the sidewalk.

This situation is dangerous.  Of course, since the City of Thunder Bay believes that pedestrians are at the bottom of the transportation food chain, the could care less how dangerous a section of sidewalk is. Its not like we are talking about cars on a street.

The MV Tecumseh

Garbage bag…

Also a garbage bag.   City of Thunder Bay did this before.  Garbage bags in the recycling cans throughout the city’s $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination.  Shame, shame, shame.

This can does have the blue bag.

A daily thing.

Perfect skating weather

The MV Tecumseh leaving port.

Bald Eagle flying by

Working on the entrance

the hotel has cracks. Must be where two sheets of insulation meet.

Lots of them. I wonder why?

Church is still pumping water out onto the sidewalk. Is this what Jesus would do?


Hose where water from sump is pumped

I know I took this photo before. I tried to take a better one this time. Greater depth of field.

This church does not pump water out onto the sidewalk.

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  1. Walter
    Walter at | | Reply

    The church pumps onto the sidewalk just so you can all be like Jesus and walk on water!! haha.

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