Thunder Bay – Saturday

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Left over from Friday night’s Christmas in Bay and Algoma event.

Funny how sidewalks can be covered with ice while streets are bare pavement.

You know where pedestrians sit on the City of Thunder Bay’s priority list.

Looks like vomit. What would a day be walking around the city and not come across some vomit?  A very rare day indeed.

The sun is shining over there.  Hope those people are enjoying it.

MV Blacky

MV Federal Weser

From this chaos….

Comes order.  How do they all know where to sit?

Saw this way off in the distance.

Its a tire.

Bigger prints

I wonder what happened?

MV Manitoulin

MV Baie Comeau

MV Federal Yukon

MV G3 Marquis

I wonder what cup left these rings?

Here’s a clue.

This is now officially a clubhouse

A large group of people using the rink. They were inside the Water Garden pavilion having lunch.

MV G3 Marquis in foreground, MV Manitoulin in background.

Commercial fishing boat returning to Current River dock

Federal Yukon at Thunder Bay Terminals

MV Baie Comeau

Looks like vomit…

New teashop opening up on Bay Street.

Franco-Ontarians holding rally in front of Michael Gravelle’s office.  Not sure why.  I am sure he supports their cause.   They were blocking the sidewalk which is not a cool thing to do.

Not sure any of these rally’s will make a difference but can’t hurt I guess.  Nobody wants the government to take anything away from them.  People don’t want their taxes to keep going up either.  Something has to give.  The government can’t provide everything every group wants….for free.

The cancellation of the promised French speaking university (which may never have been built anyway) can easily be solved by just giving them an existing university.  A small one. That is what happened back when Lakeview High School and Selkirk High School were given to the Separate School Board.

Turning over an existing school would be revenue neutral.

Or French speaking Ontarians could enrol in the University of Ottawa.  It is a bilingual school.

According to the school’s website, the U of O is

  • Largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world
  • World’s first French immersion undergraduate program

sooo, sounds pretty French speaking to me.  Plus a degree from that school would be worth more than some new school.

Poo bag

Couple more poo bags back in there.

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