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Video appears to show TBPS officer striking an individual on a gurney

A video has surfaced online that appears to show a member of the Thunder Bay Police Service hitting an individual on a gurney.

The video was first shared to Facebook Saturday night. In the 21-second clip, an individual is seen on a gurney with a paramedic standing alongside.

Someone is heard to say “you’re going to the hospital,” and then a female officer appears to slap the individual on the stretcher in the face and shouts: “that’s enough” and “you do not spit on me.”  – Tbnewswatch
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NAN leaders express outrage over video depicting TBPS officer appearing to strike First Nation youth

Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief, Alvin Fiddler, is calling for answers from the Thunder Bay Police Service after a video surfaced on social media showing what appears to be an officer striking an Indigenous youth.

The video was shared to social media on Saturday and shows what appears to be a female officer with the Thunder Bay Police Service striking an individual who is strapped to a gurney.

“We are outraged by the actions of the officer depicted in this video,” Fiddler said in a media release issued by NAN. “We do not know all of the details that led to this incident, but there is simply no justification for such violent and callous treatment of a youth in a defenseless position.” – Tbnewswatch

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Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief, Alvin Fiddler is right. Just because a 17 year old spits on you, that is no reason to slap the kid.  Its not the police officer’s job to punish someone for spiting on them  That is the job of the kid’s parents.  Police officers should not punch or slap anyone unless that police officer is being physically assaulted.

That being said, if someone spit on me, it would be hard for me not to retaliate.  Its human nature.  Its about as bad a thing you can do to someone.

If there are people living in Thunder Bay that spit on police officers, then there is a REAL problem here.  If those people include children and teens, then its obvious that we have a failure of parenting.  There is absolutely NO REASON, in a civilized community,  for one person to spit on another person.  None.

Both police officer and teen are wrong here.  Both should apologized to each other.

Why would anyone want to be a police officer in Thunder Bay?    Could not pay me enough to be a cop in this city.

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  1. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    The creature on the stretcher urgently needs an attitude adjustment, unless spitting is a “sacred” cultural thing with stone age people who believe they should b above the law.

  2. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Disagree! That split can carry unknown diseases! In US its assaulting an officer, same as if a punch was thrown. This punk should be charged with assault PERIOD! Give them an inch and they will take 10 miles! The next scum will do the same and so on. Members of society…they are not.

  3. John
    John at | | Reply

    An officer of the law was assaulted. They are often spit on by people who lead high-risk life styles. This act can lead to the contraction of communicable diseases (HIV with blood, herpes, hepatitis, etc..). This can have life altering consequences to the person who was there to protect this youth. She acted in a way which is appropriate to deter the assaulter, which is lesser or equal to the assaulter. She slapped to stun or disorient and prevent further spitting then covered her mouth to further protect herself. This has nothing to do with indigenous culture vs. police or the dominant culture or authority. This youth will likely be charged with an indictable offence for her assault. SHE ASSAULTED A POLICE OFFICER! WHAT ARE YOU ALL MISSING?
    -She did not act in a way that was culturally insensitive.
    -She acted with less force than what other officers might have thought appropriate to protect themselves.
    -Race/ethnicity had nothing to do with the content of the actions
    -This would have happened regardless of the ethnicity
    Stop reading into something that is not there. This conversation takes us all one step back.

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