Thunder Bay – Monday

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The daily meeting has started in the pedestrian overpass.

Cars have found the benefit of using the new walkways leading out of the parking lot constructed 2016/17.  Maybe they will get plowed now that vehicles are driving on them?

Still banging away on frozen ground.

MV Blacky

MV Federal Weser

MV Federal Katsura

Just how many peanuts can these crows fit into their mouths?

A pair of Common Goldeneyes still hanging around…or just passing through.

MV Baie Comeau

Working on eating a peanut

MV Federal Barents

Still working on waterfront condo

Keep your dog on a leash in public parks?  Some people believe rules are for losers.  Here is a Thunder Bay “winner” allowing her dog to run free in Marina Park.

MV CSL Welland

Looks like someone popped the cap off of a Bud to take the edge off of the day. Pedestrian overpass of course.

LCBO bag

LCBO bag

Kelly’s wine box cap.  There are a few of them laying around the pedestrian overpass.

Monster energy drink can.

Still pumping water out onto the sidewalk.

Where do they think this water goes?

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